Fostering an inclusive and diverse community

Ashesi is committed to creating a campus ethos that celebrates our rich diversity. To foster a welcoming campus environment that enhances learning, the ODIP helps to drive the campus agenda of promoting the awareness of, and the respect for diversity. This is achieved through various intentional cross-cultural programs and initiatives to aid in navigating challenges and exploring opportunities related to diversity and inclusion.

  • Global Café Series Open or Close

    The Global Café Series serves as a unique platform to celebrate and portray the rich cultures of the different nationalities represented on the campus through events and activities. Students, staff, and faculty inform the community about their countries through displays of food, music, attires, and other presentations. Throughout the academic year, everyone has the opportunity to be a globetrotter, and learn something new about other countries. 

  • First-Year Buddy Up Program Open or Close

    Our Buddy Up Program pairs first-year students with continuing student coaches. Coaches guide freshers in transitioning from high school to the university culture, and in adjusting to the Ashesi University environment both socially and academically. Staff and faculty also support this program by serving as institutional resources to both freshers and coaches.

  • The Campus Cohesion Fund Open or Close

    This funding opportunity challenges all members of the community to find new ways to promote more inclusive practices in the classroom and across the campus in the form of collaborative events, activities, cultural celebrations, speaking engagements, etc. Successful applicants are awarded funding support to execute their ideas to ensure a cohesive campus experience for all.

  • Campus Climate Monitoring & Assessment Open or Close

    The ODIP administers a bi-annual Campus Climate Survey on Diversity and Inclusion to understand students' sense of belonging at Ashesi. Results from this survey help to identify how well Ashesi is meeting its diversity and inclusion goals and serve as a guide to determining which inclusive policies to adopt.

  • Sensitivity Training & Workshops Open or Close

    These workshops and training modules are designed to help all members of the community to identify their potential biases, which might hinder their ability to engage with others appropriately, and to understand and appreciate the unique experiences each person brings to the campus environment.