Ashesi Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) provides accreditation for research activity across and within the University. The IRB must approve all research conducted by students, faculty, staff, or research affiliates from other institutions before primary data collection or project initiation. The goal of reviews is to ensure that research activity prioritises human subjects' safety and privacy. Undergraduate, Masters & PHD students should download the student application. Ashesi Faculty & Staff, External Bodies, Organisation and Independent Researchers should download the staff application.



  • Student Submission Schedule Open or Close

    3rd Week of August -
    December Semester

    Distribution of Human Subjects Review Form to all Senior Capstone Students

    5th Week of August - December Semester

    Workshops about human subjects’ issues, procedures and Ashesi IRB process orientation. Procedure difference between thesis and applied will be highlighted.

    First Week of November

    Expected deadline for graduating class submissions. Deliverables include:

    • completed application form in soft copy
    • Attachment in soft copy

    Last Week of November

    Students are notified via e-mail with attached letter of the status of their application. All replies are via e-mail (Outlook). Check application process page for details on response period

    Staff, faculty and external researchers should check application process page for application and review process.