Students at Ashesi are encouraged to drive the creation of a vibrant on-campus culture. Campus life at Ashesi is what you make of it. An important aspect of the campus culture is the presence of clubs and societies and activities emanating from these institutions. As Ashesi's first generation of students, they have the unique opportunity to form new student organizations, initiate new activities, and establish traditions. Ashesi's goal is to create an environment that enables students to build a strong community.

Clubs and societies provide avenues for students to develop stronger relationships, test out their ideas, sharpen organizational and communication skills, gain managing and leadership experience and broaden their horizons outside academic life.


Developers Club
This club seeks to provide development skills for students, towards employability. In addition to workshops, they provide opportunities for students to apply their newly gained skills to develop solutions for local organizations, and then provide visibility via showcases.
Ashesi Pro Solve
The aim of this club is to develop students' algorithmic thinking and also bring out the hidden mathematical talents in students.
Ashesi Model United Nations
The aim of this club is to develop the public speaking skills of individuals and enlighten them about globalissues and their stake in it

Project Management
To teach members on how to manage projects
Ashesi Leo
To promote service activities among the youth of the community to develop the individual qualities of leadership, experience and opportunity
Kingdom Christian Fellowship
The foremost vision of the Kingdom Christian Fellowship is to reveal the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God to the youth of our generation across the world.
A multi-genre collective that harnesses the power of peer-peer learning to develop and grow the individual talents of members, as well as actively developing a community of creatives that empower each other to  push boundaries and produce greatness
Ashesi Chorale
To express the rich African culture through music, engage the passions and talents of students, use music as a therapy to release stress, hone and develop musical abilities of members, and to strengthen the feeling of togetherness
Tech Era
Tech Era's vision is to make IT a local language accross Africa
Just Love
Just love is a club concerned with the social life of the students in Ashesi. We discuss all matters pertaining to our academic life,knowing ourselves and relationships with friends,roommates, significant others etc. We believe LOVE is an important yet complex concept that if understood would make our lives and relationships with others more meaningful
Photography and Film
Photography and Film club seeks to expose the Ashesi community to the industry and teach and explore the art of photography and film.
Debate Society
French Club
To members learn how to speak French
Music Space
Seel Club
To reduce child poverty through the learning of cutting edge technology coupled with the practice of altruism
To develop software to aid non-profit organizations that are making a positive impact in the Ghanaian society.
The  Makarios
The establishment of reading and leadership clubs in tertiary educational institutions in different countries in the whole world. To provide tutorial lessons on leadership and reading activities to all its members and grooming its members in the art of reading and leadership.
Provide the members with an integrated development experience comprising of leadership opportunities, international internships and participations in global learning environment
Theatre Society          
The Theatre Society seeks to educate and entertain members of the Ashesi community through the display of staged plays and short films written by renowned african authors and fellow Ashesi students. The theatre society also seeks to bring a fun and lively atmosphere to the Ashesi community through the beautiful plays we create
Josiah Leadership Movement (J-FORCE)       
To create a movement of young people pursuing moral, ethical, and transformational leadership as a lifestyle to bring change to the community and the nations
Pencils of Promise     
Pencils of Promise club seeks to empower the kids in schools built by Pencils of Promise Organization by organizing semesterly/yearly events to these communities.
To provide an opportunity for men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities
Ashesi Business Club  
To support the growth of student enterprise
Wiki Club        
Ashesi Wiki Club seeks to promote African content through activities such as the creation of Wikipedia articles, photography, filming and other open source projects. It also seeks to strengthen the credibility of Wikipedia as an open source by editing existing articles.
She’s The First
Protect and support girl child education through mentorship
 Bowney Initiative       
To journey with economically disadvantaged adolescent girls in Ghana to realize their dreams and become agents of change in their society by coaching, providing educational support, creating opportunities to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Real Estate     
To bridge the gap between students and the real estate industry, taking into account all the different faces the industry possesses.
Friends of Unchr        
To educate and engage youth in the refugee cause with the help of UNHCR
Dance Club (Crewdx) 
Inspire members through dance
Firenze Club   
To foster STEAM education in refugee and rural areas in Ghana with an overacrching goal on the youth fostering social impact in the society
Agribusiness Club      
To inspire entrepreneurial Ashesi students to take up farming as a commercial venture
Cyber Geeks   
To encourage cyber security awareness and application by providing students with the tools and education they need to advance their careers
Ashesi Sign Language
To educate people especially the Ashesi community about sign language and its importance to society
The Investment Club 
To provide members of the Ashesi community with basic financial literacy, focusing greatly on the stock market.