The Todd & Ruth Warren library at Ashesi is primarily digital, with subscriptions to a number of electronic information resources, including databases which give access to over 50,000 scholarly journals and over 200,000 e-books. Ashesi's library is not limited to the library building; it reaches out, with cutting edge information, into faculty and administrative offices, classrooms, cafeterias, and outdoor gathering spaces. The electronic library is supplemented by a physical collection that is currently 37,000 volumes, as well as some international and local magazines, newspapers, and research publications.

Warren Library Facilities

  • The Library has a The Joseph and Miyuki Dadzie Seminar room (301) and the Catherine and Patrick Awuah Snr Seminar room (302) - which can be booked by small groups of students, faculty and staff.
  • Photocopiers
    Scanner (do note some photocopiers can be used for scanning too!)
  • Binder
  • Laminator

Online Databases
The library subscribes to a number of electronic information resources, including databases which gives access to over 50,000 scholarly journals and well over 200,000 e-books. Most are available via IP address for computers using Ashesi's network, including those using the Wi-Fi. Those requiring access from off-campus may use RemoteXs.

The Physical Collection
Ashesi's library collection currently consists of over 37,000 books and 200 CD-ROMs focused on four main areas: business administration, computer science, engineering and the liberal arts component of our curriculum, including titles related to literature, literary criticism, social theory, philosophy, history and political science. The collection will continue to grow over time.
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Special Collections
The Africana/special collection section is located on the ground floor of the main library. Books in the collection include materials related to general Africana plus books specifically related to Ghana. The library will continue to collect volumes in the area of Africana in order to maintain a comprehensive collection.

Theses & Dissertations
Unpublished dissertations and theses produced by Ashesi students and faculty may be viewed on a reference basis in the library. Over time these are being added to the Ashesi Institutional Repository.

Library Staff
The Warren library is managed by Nina Chachu (Head Librarian), Dinah Koteikor Baidoo (Senior Assistant Librarian) and Victor Ibeto (Library Coordinator).

As part of the University's work study programme, selected students are also given the chance to work in the library in the evenings, and on weekends. Student interns help manage data entry, the library's physical collection, assist other students in locating material and using library equipment. At the moment there are 24 students from all classes supporting our late opening.

Contact Us

Circulation Desk: +233 (0) 302 610 330 Ext.1085
Ask a Librarian: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Databases (for both e-journals and e-books) available to the Ashesi Community include: