Our Recruitment Process & Requirements

Though we place an emphasis on academic merit, our admissions process also focuses on factors such as character, participation in extracurricular activities, and volunteer experience. Here's a guide to creating a strong admissions application

  • Entry Requirements Open or Close

    Minimum Academic Requirement
    Applicants with a bachelor or master degree in mechatronics, mechanical, electrical, computer, allied engineering, or other related degrees will be considered for the programme.

    2. Applicants with aforementioned degrees awarded beyond five years as at the time of their application can also apply, if they can show evidence of consistent on-the-job professional development.

    English Language Requirement
    Students for who English was not a language of instruction must submit evidence of English language proficiency, including but not limited to the:

    Transcripts or other supporting documents submitted by international applicants in a language other than English must be translated and certified as copies of the original document(s).

    Supporting Documents

    • Official Transcript: Transcripts should give detailed information of the individual grades received in university-level qualifications to date. Please upload official documents issued by your institution. Transcripts not in English should be accompanied by a certified translation.

    • CV/Résumé: Please upload a document of one to three pages highlighting your academic achievements and any relevant professional experience.

    • Motivation Letter: Statements of motivation should explain your motivation for applying for the programme, your relevant experience and education, and the specific areas that interest you and/or you intend to specialise in.

    • References: Please provide contact details of two references, at least one academic, who will support your intellectual ability, academic achievement, motivation and interest in the programme and the subject area, and your ability to work effectively in a group and independently. 

    Interviews will be held as part of the admissions process. Invited applicants will be given sufficient time to prepare for the interview. At the interview, applicants will be asked specific questions on designated subjects to facilitate wider discussion, and to allow applicants to display their experience and problem-solving skills. Applicant's intellectual ability, academic achievement, leadership potential and motivation will also be assessed. Interviews will take place virtually, with video preferred.

  • Application Process & Deadlines Open or Close

    Application Fee
    The application fee for the Master's Programme in Mechatronic Engineering is GHs150 for Ghanaian Students, and $50 for International Students. 

    Application Deadlines
    Three-Year Programme (MSc/MAS)

    • Early: March 2024
    • Final: July 2024

    Two-Year Programme (MSc/MPhil)

    • Final: June 2024


    Application Process
    All applications must be submitted online via the application portal. We operate a staged admission process for this programme. You will be notified at the end of each stage when your application will be carried forward to the next stage of examination or has been unsuccessful.

    • Stage 1: Read our Application Guide on the application portal, which explains how to prepare for and start an application.
    • Stage 2: Check that you meet the Entry Requirements listed on this page and prepare your Supporting Documents well in advance of the application deadline.
    • Stage 3: Check your eligibility for a scholarship on the Fees and Scholarships page. The application for a scholarship should be filled in as part of the admission application process.
    • Stage 4: Start your application using the Apply Now link below. Complete the application form. Note that only complete applications will be considered for evaluation. Please check your email frequently for communication from the admissions team. 

    Please visit our website periodically for updates, and join our next online townhall event where prospective students interact with the programme team. You can also send us your admission enquiries on the Contact Us page.