Kezia Asare '24
President, Student Council Executive President

Kezia AsareKezia Asare is a third-year Mechanical Engineering student passionately pursuing her aspirations of industrial manufacturing with interest in design and biomedical technologies. Her willingness and dedication to service have led her to contribute impactfully to the Ashesi community through engagements with various departments on campus, such as the Ashesi Career Services and Engineering department, amongst others. She hopes to draw from her wealth of experience and knowledge as an Academic Committee co-chairperson and an organiser for TEDxAshesiUniversity in effectively fulfilling her role as president. Throughout her tenure, Kezia aims to deepen the Ashesi ecosystem through collaborations that will resound throughout the next decade.

Yamoah Frimpong Attafuah ’24 
Vice President, Student Council Executive

Yamoah Attafuah

Yamoah Frimpong Attafuah or “Wofa”, as he’s known by everyone, is a third-year Computer Engineering student with an avid intrigue in Cloud Computing Systems in Africa. Impelled by his drive to serve, Wofa has held a variety of student government positions at all steps of the academic journey, including as Deputy Headboy and S.R.C. Vice President at Mfanstipim School. In Ashesi’s service, he has worked as an Academic Committee member, Multivariable Calculus Tutor, and as the Technical Coach for the best football team on campus, Elite FC. Wofa heartfully believes that a lasting legacy is only created when you impact people so deeply that they are compelled to do same for others. Over the next year, he hopes to leverage on the depth of his experience and abilities to amplify the experience of Ashesi students for many years to come through internal and external collaborations.

Nice Caille Ineza '24
President, Judicial and Electoral Council

Nice Cailie Ineza"I believe that every person is unique and by being unique every person has his own view on the society."

Nice enjoys getting challenges that lead her to think mostly about society and education. She is experienced Creative Writer with a demonstrated history of working in environment. She is also skilled in auditing, teamwork, leadership, designing and computing. She is also a media and communication enthusiast. She graduated with a focus in mathematics, physics and computer science from lycée du Saint Esprit.

Maxine Brenya '24
Vice President, Judicial and Electoral Council





Salia Abdul-Mumin ‘25
Speaker of Parliament

Salia Abdul

Salia Abdul-Mumin is a second-year student pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. His ultimate goal is to leverage his engineering expertise, particularly in the field of software engineering, to make a positive impact on his country's burgeoning tech industry. As part of his contribution to the Ashesi community, Salia worked as a Management intern at the Ashesi D:Lab, as the Member of Parliament for the class of 2025, and as a Peer Counsellor at the Coaching and Counselling department.

During his free time, Salia likes to read and watch political discussions. He hopes to enter into his country's political space to help drive it towards achieving its aims. As per his believes, leadership is about having the heart to serve and give back to society. Furthermore, as the co-founder of myScholarsHub, a non-profit organisation focused on connecting underprivileged students with scholarship opportunities at the best schools worldwide, Salia has demonstrated his commitment to creating opportunities for those who are less fortunate.

In his current role as the Speaker of Parliament, Salia is determined to ensuring that all voices are heard and to foster an environment that promotes open and respectful dialogue, fair decision-making, and collaboration. He is a dedicated and conscientious individual committed to making a meaningful impact in his community and beyond.


Delali Apoh '24
General Secretary

Delali ApohDeputy Delali Apoh is a third-year management Information Systems student. During her time in Ashesi, she has engaged in numerous initiatives and served as a committee member in the outreach committee. She is currently the content series lead in the Ashesi D:Lab which serves to recruit students to share their experience in using Design thinking in a project or an initiative.

Delali believes in servant leadership and as a leader one should understand the needs of others and be a good listener. In her current position as general secretary, she aims to put structures in place to facilitate and coordinate all ASC tasks for a smoother process. Moreover, she hopes to make an impact on the Ashesi committee by bringing the vision of the current ASC to life.


Kwasi Boamah Tano '24
Finance Chairperson

Kwasi Boamah Tano is a third-year business administration student who yearns for novelty in a repetitive world. He does this by working with startups, participating in associations, and going out of his way to immerse himself in what gives him joy (mainly watching Anime). He spends his time on schoolwork, working as the Operations Manager at Sorted Chale, and is an all-around master chef of his hostel's second floor. Despite his love for the use of money, he strives to value relationships and connections. By the end of his tenure, he hopes to leave a legacy of transforming the financial operations of the ASC. 


Sena Afi Vuvor '24
Public Relations Chairperson

Sena Afi VuvorSena Afi Vuvor is a Computer Science junior who is passionate about financial technology and helping people achieve their goals. At Ashesi, she has served as Executive Assistant to the previous Student Council Vice President, FDE coach, buddy coach, and a volunteer for the 2022 career fair. She currently works as a communications intern with Ashesi’s Education Collaborative. Sena loves to read and organize spaces, and hopes to be a relatable mouthpiece for the entire student body throughout her tenure as Public Relations Committee chairperson.

Carla Asiedua Frempong '24
Welfare Chairperson

Carla Asiedua Frempong is a third-year Business Administration student. Throughout her time at Ashesi, she has served as a Pre-Calculus peer tutor, an academic peer adviser, a member of the welfare committee, and is currently the Welfare Committee Chairperson. She enjoys supporting others and pushing them to be the greatest versions of themselves. Seeing others happy is what motivates her. She also loves writing relatable Christian pieces in her spare time. Throughout her tenure as Welfare Chairperson, she intends to make the campus a safe and welcoming space for all, to foster joy and school pride, and to continue to provide opportunities for students to alleviate stress and strike the appropriate balance. 

Ewura Abena Zwennes '24
Entertainment Committee Chairperson

Ewura Abena ZwennesEwura Abena Zwennes is a third-year Computer Engineering student. In her freshman year, she joined the entertainment committee as a member and her hard work, dedication and love for the job helped her rise to the position of co-chairperson, and now she serves as the Entercom Chairperson.

Ewura loves taking risks and trying new things as she believes it helps maintain her creative drive. She intends to utilize her time in office to listen to students’ feedback and cater to their needs when it comes to entertainment. Her goal is to boost student enthusiasm and engagement and she hopes that she and her team can achieve this during their tenure. After all it is ALL HANDS ON DECK.

Beverlyn Ewuradwoa Amanfu '24
Outreach Committee Chairperson

Beverlyn Ewuradwoa AmanfuBeverlyn Ewuradwoa Amanfu is a Junior majoring in Computer Science. She served as a member of the Outreach Committee, a creative writing management intern at the Ashesi Design Lab, and a member of CCAPS (Counseling, Coaching, Advising Peer Support) in her sophomore year. She is currently the co-chairperson of the wellness committee (a sub-team under CCAPS). She likes to help people out and make them happy whenever she can. As the chairperson for the Outreach Committee, Beverlyn hopes to increase student awareness and participation in community-wide outreach events and support social impact clubs running in the University as much as possible.

Chelsea Owusu '25
Academic Chairperson

Chelsea OwusuChelsea Owusu is a dedicated second year student pursuing a Computer Engineering degree. She is passionate about technology and constantly seek new ways to leverage her skills and knowledge to impact the world positively. Outside of her academic and leadership responsibilities, she enjoys exploring what goes on around the world and creating content about the little things that go on in my life. She is also an active member of CCAPS, where she enjoys engaging with her peers and contributing to the vibrant community at Ashesi. 

Edna Naa Tetteh '24
Sports Chairperson

Edna TettehEdna Naa Tetteh - a third-year Business Administration student with a passion for hard work and helping others. While most people dream of making big changes, Edna knows that the little things she does to help others can have a huge impact on their lives. As a buddy and academic peer counselor, she is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. But there's more to Edna than just her kind heart.

is also a sports enthusiast who has always been passionate about the power of sports to bring people together. That's why she joined the sports committee in her second year, quickly making a name for herself as the representative for the Ashesi Netball Association. With her hard work and dedication, Edna quickly rose through the ranks to become a temporary president and coach for the Netball association, eventually becoming the chairperson of the entire Ashesi Sports Committee.

For Edna, sports are more than just a hobby
they are a way to bring people together and make a difference in the community. As the chairperson of the Ashesi Sports Committee, she is determined to use this opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of those around her.

Roland Akwei-Sekyere '24
Off-Campus Committee Chairperson

Roland Akwei-SekyereRoland Akwei-Sekyere is a third-year business administration major constantly seeking opportunities to grow as an individual. He has acquired several independent skills due to his desire to develop. His passion for assisting others inspired him to volunteer in the Ashesi community as a math tutor, buddy, and peer academic advisor. Due to his warm demeanour and belief in commitment, loyalty, and friendship, Roland ensures that everyone feels welcome wherever he finds himself. He participates in numerous sporting events, including table tennis, football, and basketball, in the Ashesi community. In the best way he can, Roland intends to use his passion for finance and helping others to benefit others shortly. 

“When you give joy to other people, you get more joy in return. You should give a good thought to happiness that you can give out.” — Eleanor Roosevelt