A Campus Like No Other

Our ever-growing campus sits on a 100-acres overlooking Ghana's capital city, Accra. About an 80-minute drive from the Kotoka International Airport, our campus combines traditional design, modern technology and environmental best practices to create an inspiring base for young leaders from across Africa to convene and collaborate.

The campus provides serenity away from the noise and bustle of Accra but is a close enough commute to enable students to experience the city. Nearly all students live on campus or within walking distance of the campus in third-party student housing.

Our campus is set in a living, breathing series of connected gardens. For students who prefer it, Ashesi provides many spaces to experience the outdoors. Whether for sport and exercise, or learning and reflection, there are spaces for many varied activities. Our classrooms support our core teaching philosophy that students learn best when expressing themselves and challenging each other and their faculty.

Most class sizes at Ashesi are small, and our classrooms and labs are mostly flexible spaces for different kinds of in-class activities. Our labs and workshops also feature tools and equipment, from 3D printers to laser cutters, to support advanced hands-on learning, research and innovation.

The Todd & Ruth Warren Library at Ashesi houses reading spaces, conference rooms, photocopy and printing stations.The Makerspace in Ashesi's Fabrication Lab is a space for students to conceptualise and build prototypes and conduct applied research. 
Our spaces are designed to be open and bring in as much sunlight as possible. 
Classrooms and labs at Ashesi allow for a varied range of hands-on learning and teaching activity, including group work and team projects. 
Ashesi's Engineering Workshop. 

Housing at Ashesi

Nearly half of all students live in on-campus housing, with other students living in private housing facilities within walking distance of campus. Our dorms, just as the rest of campus, are built to foster community and cultural learning. With some 31 countries represented on campus, students will find many opportunities for making new friendships and learning about different parts of the world.

The Wangari Maathai Hall's inner courtyard. The Maathai hall houses close to a hundred students.
For students living on campus, our student dorms provide plenty of spaces to convene. 
Student rooms come in configurations of two students per room, or four students per room.
Most quads, housing about sixteen students each, have a small kitchenette. 
Students also have access to coin-operated washing and drying machines for their laundry.
The Natembea Health Centre serves basic healthcare needs all students; severe medical cases are referred to a hospital that is a 15-minute drive away from campus. All students at Ashesi are on health insurance.

Recreation and Extracurricular Spaces

Our campus is a second home for students—spaces across campus support dining, recreation and extra-curricular activity and programming. Whether it's playing quick pick-up games, hosting a football tournament, organising a cook-out, or a movie night, Ashesi's campus has spaces for that.


Start a podcast; record a song; host a talk show. The Zen Radio Studio is open to all students who want to practise their radio and audio skills.