We understand that every organisation requires different skills from its teams, and are committed to helping recruiters connect with students that best match their needs. We partner with organisations across Africa each year to host workshops that help recruiters engage with students, prepare them to create value at work and develop leadership-level skill.

You are involved from the start 
No one understands the world of work better than the people in it; that's why we encourage recruiters to come join us in our classrooms and career fairs to help prepare students. Recruiters that have had the most success at Ashesi are actively engaged in training students and helping us build our curriculum to meet the needs of the world of work. Your feedback makes a lot of difference in the graduates who leave Ashesi. 

Reach Africa in one place
Ashesi is committed to becoming an inspiring base for young people from all over Africa. Approximately 20% of student community is made up of international student representing some 20 countries across Africa - and we have only just started. Our campus' growing diversity allows you to recruit students from all over Africa who can thrive anywhere in the world; from Ghana to Kenya, Dubai to the United Kingdom. 

Highly recommended
Since Ashesi's inception, a 100% of graduates have received job offers, started their own businesses or continued their education at some of the world's best. Approximately 90% take job offers within three months of graduation, and employers are coming back impressed. 

 What next?

There are numerous ways to get involved in recruiting; here are a few to get you started. 

Post a Job / Internship
Advertise your company's job opportunities via our recruiting platform, College Central, and reach over 1,000 students and alumni. 

Participate in our Career Fair
Participating in Career Fairs are a great way to build brand awareness and connect with students and alumni on campus. Career Fairs are usually held in March of every year, ahead of our senior class graduation in June. 

Conduct Campus Hiring Sessions
We help organisations setup job selection processes on campus when requested. For more information, contact our office.

However you decide to engage Ashesi, we would love to hear from you. Schedule a visit with us on campus, or join our Recruiters Portal, to learn more.